JCI United Penang


The Achievements and Important Milestones


Youth Business Senator, Mr Lesley Lim (Founder)

- Approved by the Register of Societies Malaysia on February 14, 2004


The Brief History of the Organization


The Junior Chamber International United Penang, initiated by Mr. Lesley Lim, a prominent entrepreneur in Penang, along with a group of aspiring youth, obtained approval from the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on February 14, 2004. It was officially recognized as a chapter of Junior Chamber International Malaysia during the national conference that year. Mr. Lesley Lim was appointed as the founding President of the Junior Chamber International United Penang.

Previously a member of the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Junior Chamber International, which was the only Chinese-language-based chapter in Peninsular Malaysia, Mr. Lesley Lim noticed the language barrier faced by youth who were interested in participating in Junior Chamber activities but not proficient in English, as English had been the primary medium of communication in the organization. In order to benefit more young people through Junior Chamber activities, Mr. Lesley Lim conceived the idea of establishing the Junior Chamber International United Penang. He gathered a group of enthusiastic young individuals and successfully established the only Chinese-language-based Junior Chamber chapter in Northern Malaysia. The main objective was to cultivate proactive citizens and young leaders, providing a platform for youth to contribute to their families, communities, and the nation.

Over the years, the Junior Chamber International United Penang has organized various successful events and activities of different scales and diversity. It has also been entrusted with significant responsibilities by the Junior Chamber International Malaysia, hosting major events such as the 2012 Malaysia Peninsula Area Conference, the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians event in 2014 and 2015, the 2016 National Conference, the 2018 JCI Malaysia Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards, and the 2019 JCI Malaysia Business Summit. Through these activities, the organization has nurtured numerous talented leaders and made significant contributions to community development. Its outstanding performance has been acknowledged and praised by local governments, private institutions, and other community organizations. In 2013, the Junior Chamber International United Penang received the esteemed endorsement of the Penang Chief Minister, becoming the highest honorary advisor, which is a great honor for the organization.

From its inception to the present day, the Junior Chamber International United Penang has achieved remarkable success in its endeavors, thanks to the efforts and dedication of past presidents, board members, and members. It has received strong support from local governments, various organizations, and other Junior Chamber chapters, as well as selfless contributions from individuals from all walks of life. It is through these collective efforts that the organization has achieved its modest accomplishments today.

Past President List:
Year 2005 Youth Business Senator, Mr Lesley Lim
Year 2006 Mr Nirsen Koay
Year 2007 Mr Ong Piek Seong
Year 2008 Mr Leon Lee
Year 2009 Youth Business Senator, Mr Teoh Eng Keat
Year 2010 Mr Lee Yeong Yih
Year 2011 Ms Jennifer Lee
Year 2012 Mr Terry Tan
Year 2013 Ms Shirlyn
Year 2014 Mr Tony Wong
Year 2015 Youth Business Senator, Ms Khoo Chye Leng
Year 2016 Youth Business Senator, Mr Low Ewe Sin
Year 2017 Youth Business Senator, Mr William Chan
Year 2018 Mr Ivan Ng
Year 2019 Mr Wlson Tan
Year 2020 Youth Business Senator, Mr Jee Soo Lip